Giroud joined Arsenal from Montpellier this summer prior to Van Persie's big-money switch to rivals Manchester United.

There is a lot of responsibility on French international Giroud ' s shoulders to help replace Van Persie ' s goals in the Arsenal side, but the ۲۵ - year - old admits he is a very different player to the former Gunners captain.
" I am not here to replace Van Persie or to make people forget him, " Giroud told The Sun.

" I am here to bring something different. I don ' t have the pretension of saying I will replace him because I have every respect for him as he had an enormous season last year.

" I wish him good luck for the future but I need to bring what I can bring without being pretentious to say I am here to replace him. That would be very bad.
" I feel ready. Absolutely ready to assume the responsibility and make people say ' yes, we have Olivier '. That ' s how it is.

" If I didn ' t think that I would never get my chance. If you sign for a big club it ' s to replace another striker who leaves or you come and sit on the bench and wait for some game - time or wait until a striker is less efficient, needs a breather or is injured.

" Unfortunately that ' s how it is in football. Now I have a chance as Robin left. So I will get more time to play and I need to assume the responsibility. In fact, I must.

"Because that is my chance and I have to take it. The ball is in my court and the show must go on."