It has been a rapid rise to prominence for Oxlade-Chamberlain since he was playing for Southampton in League One just over a year ago.

He has enhanced his reputation since joining Arsenal and has also pushed himself to the forefront of England head coach Roy Hodgson ' s current plans.

Having gone to Euro ۲۰۱۲ in the summer and played a starring role in Friday ' s ۵-۰ victory over Moldova, Oxlade - Chamberlain now wants to keep pushing on.

Asked if he already regarded himself as an England regular, the ۱۹ - year - old said: " It is nice the manager put faith in me in Moldova but I know I ' m no regular England starter at all.

" I was delighted to get the call. I wanted to make sure I was ready to give my all and help the team. But it is just the start of my career.

" I ' ve got to keep working very hard, day in and day out, to make sure I keep getting in that team.

" It is not going to be easy for me but I ' ve got to make sure I work hard enough to make it happen. "

Oxlade - Chamberlain is aware the likes of Frank Lampard, John Terry and Steven Gerrard will be important to his development but has confidence in his own ability to perform.

He said: " It is brilliant for me. I ' m learning from everyone that is here. Obviously I ' m the least experienced out of everyone so I watch them all in training and the way they do things.

" I try and take that into my own game. It is great having senior players around me like John Terry, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, all giving you advice and helping you along the way.

" But I ' ve always been quite a relaxed person when it comes to playing my own game.

" I ' ll try and be very hard working but when I get on the pitch, I try and rely on my ability and trust in myself and that ' s all I can do.

" I can listen to everyone and any advice or constructive criticism they have, just take it into account and try and make my game better. "

Oxlade - Chamberlain has put firmly in perspective the progress he has made during the past ۱۲ months.

He said: " I don ' t have to pinch myself about the last ۱۲ months because what has happened is a small chunk of my career or what I see my career as being.

"I don't get carried away or think I've made it or anything like that. I've got a long way to go, and I know that."