On September 5, Microsoft and Nokia will introduce the world to the its first Windows Phone 8 devices. The form of that signature handset remains a mystery for now, but I'll venture a guess that from the outside, the next iteration of Nokia's flagship phone will look very similar to the Nokia Lumia 900 device we know now.

Why do I say such a thing? There are a few reasons. First, the form factor would be more easily produced than creating a new design in a relatively short period. After all, the Lumia ۹۰۰ ' s look already exists in two other phones that preceded it: the Nokia N۹(originator) and the Nokia Lumia ۸۰۰(Windows Phone debut). To the latter, the Lumia ۹۰۰ added ۴G LTE, a front - facing camera, and a larger screen.
Second, with Nokia ' s financial troubles, sticking with the same basic shape, materials, and manufacturing process will cut design and machining costs. It also doesn ' t hurt that the handset in question has gained some notoriety for its unique design and striking color options.

Third, most of the Windows Phone ۸ changes stem from software, not hardware, so there ' s no need to drastically alter the phone ' s physical design.
New Windows Phone start screen on a Nokia Lumia ۹۰۰

What will change
While I predict that the pumped - up Nokia Lumia sequel(to be called the Lumia ۱۰۰۰, perhaps) will look almost identical to the current thing, there will be one significant external change that will require more body work - - a microSD card slot. If Nokia can carve out space and connect circuitry to the top or bottom edges, the company can maintain the handset ' s polycarbonate slab design.

There will be other, more - subtle alterations as well. We already know that high - end Windows phones will use Qualcomm ' s dual - core Snapdragon S۴ Plus processors. That ' s the same LTE - ready chipset used in the HTC One X family, and the Samsung Galaxy S۳, and it ' s Qualcomm ' s fastest yet.

I also predict that the globally released " Lumia ۱۰۰۰ " will make use of Windows Phone ۸ ' s support of HD displays, and will sport a ۴.۳ - inch AMOLED screen with a ۱,۲۸۰x۷۲۰ - pixel HD resolution and Nokia ' s terrific ClearBlack display filter that cuts down glare.

NFC is also on the list of Windows Phone ۸ ' s new powers, and Microsoft ' s Tap + Share and digital wallet features will help give the short - range communications technology immediate life.

In addition, the future Lumia will sport Microsoft ' s new Windows Phone start screen(pictured above), enhanced voice commands, and better integration for third - party VoIP services(like Skype, which Microsoft now owns but has not yet natively integrated).

These are my guesses right now, but we ' ll let you know what really happens on September ۵, when CNET covers the event in New York.