Figures released by the country's national statistics office, Destatis, on Friday, suggest that the EU bloc's economic powerhouse exported a total of USD 112.7 billion worth of goods in April, down 1.7 percent compared to the preceding month of March.

The country’s imports were also affected as well, shrinking ۴.۸ percent to bring the total amount to ۷۳.۹ billion euros.

According to analysts, monthly data of Germany’s financial activities were worse than expected.

The release " shows that Germany is not immune to a slowdown in world trade and flagging demand from the eurozone, " AFP quoted economist Constantin Wirschke as saying.

Released data from Destatis also indicated that Germany’s exports to European partners were reduced ۳.۶ percent in April whilst its exports to non - European countries grew ۱۰.۳ percent.

New Edge strategy analyst, Annalisa Piazza, stated that the newly released data concerning Germany’s foreign trade is a “clear signal that the German economy is beginning to suffer from the effects of the current crisis.

Foreign trade " has been one of the key factors supporting activity in the first quarter whilst today ' s data cast some doubts on the future development of net exports contribution to growth, " Piazza added.